Tradition and innovation: C.I.M. Costruzioni Ingegneri Matricardi s.r.l., the company leader of the Matricardi Group, have been existing since the 1860, in the civil, industrial, infrastructural and plant construction. C.I.M. s.r.l. today is an A-class company, for the high level of technology used and quality achieved.

Turn key solutions: From the design to the execution, C.I.M. take part of each phase of the whole construction process. Planning and working out design strategies for highly specialized works up to the final commissioning. Even in partnership with the engineers of the client.

Enviroment and safety: The strict application of the safety regulations, the respect of the environment are the base of each new civil, industrial, commercial construction.

Timing and cost: The completion of the works on time and according to the specification is the reason of the competitiveness.